Today’s Wanderings

Pursuing my self as a Solo Performer with a vengeance these days. I am having fun as well as discovering new insight into my shortcomings and goings as a musician. Everyone should try it now and then !!

Are You Sure Hank Done it This Way ?

5 Responses to “Today’s Wanderings”

  1. Steve Says:

    At last, a vocalization and visual of your wide ranging skills, dedication and great presence . We are lucky in Jacksonville for the musical genius you bring! Congrats on the website!

  2. admin Says:

    Last night’s show was great, muchas gracias senor De La Strings.

  3. Lars Says:

    Awesome site Arvid and love the video! Doing a great job, will post a link on my FB page…..

  4. Jean-Luc Brosse (Mary-Lou) Says:

    We are honored to be friends of you, Arvid. You can play anything with the same happiness. This beautiful website will help increasing your audience. We miss you here in france.

  5. arvidsmith Says:

    Muchas Padre,
    I am at a time & place that seems to suit. I’m up to 5 different performing groups at any given time plus getting my own self off the ground…
    Sandy & I are also very happy with one another. Next time I’ll be packing the Goelz finish doubleneck….wait & see. Peace & Praises to you and Donallea……..Arvid

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